Welcome to Grace Healthcare – Your Care Your Way

Live life to the fullest as though there were no limitations. 

Disability does

not mean inability.

We offer a range of health care services within the home or community setting. 

Disability & home

care services for

all aged groups


Your Care Your Way

Welcome to Grace Healthcare – Your Care Your Way Pty Ltd. We offer a range of health care services within the home or community setting. Your Care Your Way – live life to the fullest as though there were no limitations. 

Disability does not mean inability.

Personalized Services

Our friendly, compassionate staff is here to help you. We're more than just an aftercare provider. We also provide home healthcare and community services, including personal care, respite care, adult day care and short-term accommodation.

Flexible Quality Service

Working through a carefully selected network of caring and professional staff, the Grace Healthcare team provides nursing, residential, and personal support services to those who need them.

GCC Certified

Grace Healthcare is a disability service provider with a wide range of in-home care and community nursing options.

Why Choose Us?

Our many years of combined professional experience means

we know how to support our participants well.

Benefit 1

Your loved one will receive compassionate care with dignity and respect.

Benefit 2

You or your loved ones' needs will receive your care your way.

Benefit 3

You’ll be able to get on with your life without the worry of having to deal with everything yourself.

Benefit 4

We are flexible in our approach to your needs.

Benefit 5

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to support you or your loved ones.

Benefit 6

We provide a range of services across a diverse range of settings.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Our Services

Grace Healthcare YCYW brings you a whole-person approach to home care.

We offer a holistic approach to home care that integrates health, wellness and lifestyle. We serve each participant as a family member or friend.

Leading the future of our disability healthcare sector

Bringing over two decades of combined professional experience

Check out what clients say

“Grace Healthcare has been fantastic in working with both of our boys. They are both teenagers, 16 and 17, autistic, non verbal, complex behaved, busy young men! We have been able to totally trust Grace Healthcare and their staff who care for our boys as they would their own… they take the boys out in the community, pick them up from school and drop them off when necessary after the weekend, exercise the boys to exert their energy in a safe environment, have activities at the house to do to keep them engaged, occupied and learning new skills. Grace HC have been working with our boys consistently now for 8 months. When many other STA providers were unable to work with our boys, Grace HC persevered and made breakthrough after breakthrough with them. They have taken our boys away to Phillip Island and have been a life saviour for our family. Thank you Lucia and your team. We really appreciate your work and work ethics."

Tania and Vili

Participants' Parents

WOW! In our time of need, this amazing place, managed by one of the most honest and caring managers. Lucy ensured our son was afforded the care, safety and compassion we never thought existed. The around the clock support staff forged such positive relationships that ensured improvement that we had not seen in such a long, long time. We would recommend Grace Healthcare YCYW with our most heartfelt support as THE ONLY place we would EVER consider for our son. We cannot thank you enough.

Participants' Parents

Check out what Participants and Providers say

"My son had a really good time. Thank you to your staff(ladies). They have done a fantastic job looking after my son. Thank you.”

Participants' Dad

“Thank you so much. You are an Angel on earth. I appreciate the support with my son and being so prompt on short notice."

Participant's Mom

"Thank you for providing a flexible and quality service. Being flexible benefits the participants and certainly makes the life of us support coordinators much easier"

Thank you for looking after my families!!”

Support Coodinator