About Us

Quality, safety, and excellence is at the helm of what we do as an organization

Empowering You To Make The Most Of Life

Your Care Your Way

Grace Healthcare – Your Care Your Way is an organisation established to promote a quality service provision in meeting health care needs within the disability, community, and home care setting.  Your Care Your Way empowering participants to direct their own care needs, goals and objectives while being supported by a team with respect to the individual needs holistically.  Quality, safety, and excellence is at the helm of what we do as an organisation.

Our team upholds and believes in our core values in the provision of healthcare services, ensuring that you and your family are supported in the way you want. You are empowered to direct your care and you are supported to achieve your needs and goals with the utmost respect, sincerity and care by a team that is passionate in their excellent service provision and ensuring quality is maintained and above all the integrity of Grace Healthcare founding values

Cultural safety is important to us to ensure we cater for all Australians, our team environment is multi-cultural with over 15 years’ experience in healthcare services to meet your needs.  We look forward to working with you and being your chosen care service provider

Our Vision

Our Vision at Grace Healthcare – Your Care Your Way Pty Ltd is to be recognised as a healthcare provider of high-quality service in our commitment to supporting your care your way to achieve your personal goals and living your best life in Australia.

Our Values


Sincerity – being transparent, kind, and truthful with you in our service provision


Passion – in providing disability care services is our backbone based on compassion and treating others the way we would like to be treated.


Integrity – which sterns from strong moral values and accountability through providing a service that is ethical, consistent, and uncompromising to you or our values and principals


Care – ensuring your care is supported in an environment that promotes diversity and equality, maintains your confidentiality and your individual rights and beliefs are respected always.

Empowerment and Excellence

Empowerment and Excellence in the services we deliver to meet your care needs and goals in a safe and respected way that is directed by you and maintains our Brand

Check out what clients say

“Grace Healthcare has been fantastic in working with both of our boys. They are both teenagers, 16 and 17, autistic, non verbal, complex behaved, busy young men! We have been able to totally trust Grace Healthcare and their staff who care for our boys as they would their own… they take the boys out in the community, pick them up from school and drop them off when necessary after the weekend, exercise the boys to exert their energy in a safe environment, have activities at the house to do to keep them engaged, occupied and learning new skills. Grace HC have been working with our boys consistently now for 8 months. When many other STA providers were unable to work with our boys, Grace HC persevered and made breakthrough after breakthrough with them. They have taken our boys away to Phillip Island and have been a life saviour for our family. Thank you Lucia and your team. We really appreciate your work and work ethics."

Tania and Vili

Participants' Parents

WOW! In our time of need, this amazing place, managed by one of the most honest and caring managers. Lucy ensured our son was afforded the care, safety and compassion we never thought existed. The around the clock support staff forged such positive relationships that ensured improvement that we had not seen in such a long, long time. We would recommend Grace Healthcare YCYW with our most heartfelt support as THE ONLY place we would EVER consider for our son. We cannot thank you enough.

Participants' Parents

Check out what Participants and Providers say

"My son had a really good time. Thank you to your staff(ladies). They have done a fantastic job looking after my son. Thank you.”

Participants' Dad

“Thank you so much. You are an Angel on earth. I appreciate the support with my son and being so prompt on short notice."

Participant's Mom

"Thank you for providing a flexible and quality service. Being flexible benefits the participants and certainly makes the life of us support coordinators much easier"

Thank you for looking after my families!!”

Support Coodinator