Managing The Pandemic Anxiety

The Covid pandemic has totally changed the way we live. Taking care of our overall well-being is vital as we deal with the challenges. Somehow, we are all encountering a form of pandemic anxiety. Whatever situation we are in, it is essential to acknowledge that our worries are valid. Let’s be kind to ourselves.

The signs

Do you notice your muscles tensing more than usual, or are your headaches getting worse? Maybe you are having a more challenging time focusing these days. These are minor signs of anxiety that we should acknowledge.

How to Help Yourself

Take a break when you notice these signs. Try out different things that lessen the stress you are feeling right now. This break might be a water break, a 5-minute nap, or even just stepping out of your workroom. 

Keep a journal 

Keeping a journal allows you to articulate your feelings and note why you are feeling a certain way. Few out of every odd solution will work for everybody, so learn to take notes. What helped you today? What about yesterday? Any of these activities could be the ones that will help you out tomorrow.

Take time for yourself.


You will only care for your loved ones and others if you take care of yourself. Good quality sleep helps our body and mind recharge. Feeling rested helps us handle stress better. 

Maintain healthy routines

Developing health routines allows us to cope better with stress. Staying physically active, even for just a few minutes a day, does wonder for our body. It also helps with mood and stress management. Keeping our bodies healthy and nourished is critical during these times. We need the energy to handle the different challenges during this pandemic.

Start new hobbies


Lockdown is the perfect time to start trying out new skills you have always wanted to learn and do more of what brings you joy. 

Have a carpet picnic

Treat yourself to a takeout meal from your local restaurant and have a cozy candle-lit carpet picnic. Spend quality time with your bubble

Create a cozy place to escape to

Have a peaceful space in the house you can escape and read a book., have a cup of tea, or find a calming activity to decompress.

“Taking good care of yourself is one of the best things you can do to help others.” Dr. A Trawley


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