The Monthly Pulse (July 2021)

Welcome to our very first issue of the monthly flow, the Grace Healthcare – YCYW newsletter. This newsletter is a great opportunity for our company to address employee engagement, communication, and collaboration, as well as for our broad readership. Each month the newsletter will include essential articles, updates on our services, getting our employees, participants, and other readers motivated enough to read and look forward to the next issue.

The month of July was huge for us. We launched this New Website, and we are so excited about that!

As a company, we are on a Mission Of Care! We are dedicated to supporting participants to live a fuller, healthier life with the dignity and independence they deserve.

Below are some of our services. Link for more services –

Our Respite Services / Short term accommodation

Our respite services allow primary caregivers to take a break from their daily responsibilities so they can have some time themselves to rest and refresh before going back to taking care of their loved ones. It is encouraged for one to take time to themselves and regroup without feeling guilty. Feeling energized has immense benefits to both the caregiver and their loved one they care for. It can increase care quality and prevent mishaps when one has to care for someone while mentally exhausted.

Our Respite care services encourage caregivers to reduce exhaustion and imminent health problems that result from overworking. We give them peace of mind by taking care of their loved ones with all the required day-to-day support and much more! We will support our participants with a care plan that suits their needs and requirements while staying with us. We provide accommodation for either a day, overnight, a weekend, or even longer. We will take care of their personal care, meals, and their favorite recreational activities.

We also cater/offer exclusive respite in your chosen area to ensure your loved one also has a great experience. We plan activities with the participant in mind to ensure needs and goals are met.

The goal is to give respite and support to the care givers, and to be able to keep people in their homes for as long as possible.
“The goal is to give respite and support to the caregivers, and to be able to keep people in their homes for as long as possible.” -Carol Duncan

Our Upcoming Services – SIL

We are excited to announce a new service that we will be providing soon – Supported Independent Living (SIL).

This service has been on our agenda since we started Grace Healthcare.

Supported Independent Living encourages people with disabilities to live as independently as possible by ensuring they have support in areas of their life where it is required. Grace Healthcare -YCYW will work with each participant to identify the areas where the support is needed and what achievements each participant aims to achieve and prepare an exclusive personalized plan. Grace healthcare will provide the supports that match our support workers with the participants to support the participants with daily living tasks and community access.

NDIS provides funding for Supported Independent Living. It is more suited for participants with complex needs. If you are not sure of your eligibility, we advise that you talk to your plan so they can make an assessment based on your “reasonable and necessary needs.”

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value” – Jim Rohn.

A special mention to our recipient of the certificate of Excellence, Rumbi Mujeka, for the outstanding work she does with our participantsYour dedication and service is appreciated.

We are looking forward to Daffodil Day, which falls on Friday, 27 August 2021. Let us all power behind the flower that represents hope for all the many Australians diagnosed with cancer every year. Remember to do your part by donating, fundraising, and raising awareness in your communities.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy!

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